Every mountain resort is bustling during the winter holidays. Whether you visit as an individual, or with someone, you’ll need to be sure you have planned for transport before the vacation. You can use private transport means, or you could use a rental car. while there are many places you can enjoy a winter wonderland, here are the mountain resorts in the U.S. where you can enjoy your holiday.

Mt. Shasta Resort:

The resort is at the core of a well-known area in California, making it on the list of the best ones in the west. the resort is located at Siskiyou mountain range, near the northern border of California. After a long day on the slopes, you can enjoy a delicious meal and delightful homemade pies at the Black Bear restaurant.

Four Seasons Jackson Hole:

Entering the more concentrated area of the United States away from the coast, we find ourselves in Jackson Hole. The four seasons resort is famous for its romantic remoteness in the mountain range of Grand Teton. As you walk through this area, you’ll be able to view wildlife and to take part in extreme skiing activities. The resort is an expert paradise for all.

Aspen Resort:

Although Aspen really attracts rich movie stars and celebrities, everyone should enjoy them. What really should attract you to try this resort over others is peace. If you’re used to the struggles of some European slopes, Aspen is heading in the opposite direction with uncrowded slopes. The scenic perception of Aspen alongside the extensive slopes makes the resort worth your visit.

Breckenridge Resort:

Are you fancy about altitude sickness? If yes, head nowhere but to Breckenridge. Now get rid of this sickness from your system, because Breckenridge is an absolute cracker, with a combination of a traditional chocolate center with extensive ski slopes and numerous areas. Combine this with a great snowboarding park and great off-piste routes, as long as you can deal with acclimatization in Denver for a few days, Breckenridge will not let you down.

Killington Grand resort:

As you head to the other coast of the U.S., north of the New York City, there you’ll find Killington. The resort is described by the locals as the absolute ski resort. This is true because of the serious lack of anything else to do in the resort area, that is not related to skiing.


There are just a few of the best mountain resorts you can find throughout the U.S. Mountain vacations are a popular way to get away from your daily grind of the work week. Whether you live in the states or not, you will want to use a rental car to the most out of your vacation. It will give you the comfort you deserve so that you’ll feel rejuvenated for the coming week’s activities.