Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of our time. Fame came to the hero in the distant 40s of the last century thanks to comics. Much time has passed and Batman moved to big screens from the pages of comic books.

Modern Batmobiles are different. Such eminent directors as Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton demonstrated their vision of a superhero, as comics about Dark Knight have been filmed repeatedly.

“Batmobile” is the most famous vehicle of Batman. In the article, we will find out the features of this car from its invention to these days. Not only Batman needs comfortable means of travel. You can use avr car rental any time you need.

Superhero’s car history

The notion of “Batmobile” began to appear in the comic books only in 1941. Batman’s car is having many additional features and it is as fast as the sports car. The interesting thing is that the first Batman’s transport was the “Batplane”, not the car. After the “Batmobile” appearance, the hero got new different vehicles. Thus, the Dark Knight got “Batcycle”, “Batboat”, etc.

The famous Batman hero has existed since 1938. The first build Batmobile was the modified Cadillac in 1939 for the Batman 1943 film. In the 1949 film, they also did not make a special copy of the car. This car was just the Mercury Convertible.

Over the years, graphic novels became more serious. This affected Batman as well, as he became more noir. The designers changed the look of “Batmobile” as well for emphasizing the seriousness and severity of Batman. Superhero cars became longer and more dimensional, only dark colors in the car coloration were used.


 “Batman” (TV series)

In 1966, “Batmobile” was shown for the first time on TV. Although the budget for the filming was rather poor, the creators were able to make a worthy version of “Batmobile”. Moreover, real cars were used in its creation. Therefore, in the TV series, the “Batmobile” was a Lincoln Futura car, with various gadgets additionally:

  • rockets
  • an atomic engine
  • a computer
  • a telephone
  • brake parachutes
  • a radar.

This “Batmobile” looks like a caricature, because it was mostly intended for children. The car from the filming of the series was recently sold at auction.


Joel Schumacher

Looking at the cinematic landscape of the mid-90s, the Batman fits there in a very strange way. More precisely, does not fit. Schumacher’s film seems silly, too bright (in every sense), too expensive, after all. Now this is impossible to imagine Batman at this kind of universe. In these two strangest films, there were no irony, but humor. From him what was happening finally lost all meaning. Even if you do not appreciate the peculiar beauty of the second Schumacher film, its commercial failure has greatly influenced Hollywood films. Adaptation of the comic began to take a little more serious.