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Do you think you are a stylish person? Once you have a chance to become a stylish lady and shop in one of the greatest fashion capitals – Milan. What makes you shopping the most pleasant and convenient? First of all, you should use your mobile app to rent a car from the best car rental in Milan Malpensa Airport – It will be good to get a car with GPS navigation. Is that all? Do you need anything more to have a good shopping? Obviously, if you want to buy only modern and stylish clothes and accessories you need some navigation in style. Do you want to hire a professional stylist? You don’t need it know. Read this article and look through the most important fashion advises that every woman should know about. Make your style with your own hands and get ready for shopping!




  1. Organize Your Wardrobe Every Three Months

Wardrobe needs to be organized every three months. It really works. If you think it doesn’t work for you, you can just try to organize your wardrobe from time to time when you are free. There are always many old things in your wardrobe that you don’t wear any more. Just throw it away and forget to have enough space for new creative cloth items.

  1. Don’t Forget Classics – Trench, Leather, Denim Jackets

As you know, classics like these are timeless. Every woman needs trench, leather, and denim jackets in her wardrobe. They will never get old and will always suit to your look.

  1. Remember Three Components of Modern Look

Do you think that looking stylish is possible only for models and designers? It is not a problem if you can’t learn everything about the newest tendencies of a modern fashion. Don’t worry about it at all! You need just three items in your closet that are good in all weathers. They are a pair of black sunglasses, stylish handbag and elegant shoes.

Samen Dos Santos @ Ford Models


  1. Understand the Color

If you think you are good in red, blue or any other color, you may be wrong. Just try to look through the colors and a color wheel. It gives you an opportunity to understand how to match up colors. There is a rule: there mustn’t be more than three main colors in your look. Otherwise, you look like a parrot, not a lady.

  1. Be Bright in Accessories and Cosmetics

Having doubts about bright colors and patterns, you may check if it fits you. Do you like sunny yellow? You can try to buy a yellow scarf or bracelet to find out whether it is good for you or not really. This is a nice variant for all who don’t want to waste money for clothes that you can’t wear at all.

  1. More Shoes

Of course, you dream about a pair of shoes that is good for different occasions. It’s impossible. It is better to have more shoes to create a new impressive look.

  1. More Bags

Do you still worry that your new bag looks boring? Try to refresh it with the help of a colored scarf or other accessory. It is especially good for a classic handbag. Honestly, speaking about bags, there is only one truth, the more the better.

Handmade natural organic rattan handbag. Tropical island of Bali. Eco-bag concept. Ecobags from Bali.


  1. Know Your Size

If you want to look stylish, you should better to learn your real size. Different brands have different sizes. By the way, if you like online shopping, you should learn them all. Also, try to know your own parameters that are your shoulders, bust, waist, hips.

  1. Make Your Hair

If you think that your hair looks boring and colorless, you can find a professional master to cut it and color if needed. Also, you can find a new hairstyle from a fashion magazine. Don’t be afraid of experiments.


Dani Zimmermann @ ELO Management


  1. You Don’t Need Too Many Clothes Items For Your Small Closet

Actually, every woman needs no more than 20 main clothes items in her closet. It may be a blue jacket, black pants, cashmere sweater, dress, jeans, and other according to your style. You can even make an experiment and add something that is not brand and expensive but looks stylish.

Wardrobe rehab holiday updates


  1. Right Accessories

Do you like wearing jeans and a T-Shirt? You can wear it for work and for leisure, no matter. The point is to pick right accessories. Try to find stylish earrings, a weird bracelet, and a necklace. It will help you to look more creative.

  1. Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

Don’t buy cheap clothes just because it is cheap. Also, don’t buy clothes just because you feel like you need to buy something. Buy if you really need it!

Of course, you go shopping with the hope that the best brand clothes and fashion shops can make your style and look better. The reality is that it is not enough to have super-duper stylish clothes. You must be special and know your weak and strong sides. Try to buy clothes that suit you the most. This is probably the main fashion secret!